In this issue, We spotlight feature performer, actress, singer "Selena Gomez". On the cover of the digital we look back at her successful career with Puma, and red carpet moments, and highlight relive the moments as host for WE, on and off the red carpet.   This issue also takes a look back at some of biggest names for entertainment today and in recent years. We take a look at last year and early 2020 at the latest big events, red carpet moments and shows, with an added bonus of the latest news for the 2020 reschedule upcoming shows such as: ACM, BBMA and concerts scheduled for the entertainment world of today.

A question you may ask, as I do is, - "when will the entertainment industry open back up?" As of now the news is pending, but you can count on Entertainment Scene, and our sister magazine Vegas Scene - focusing on the entertainment capital- Las Vegas, to keep you posted when we find our more. I myself will look forward to the time when I can see our favorite entertainers again. In the meantime, I encourage you to read, enjoy, and relax by reading this issue and taking the opportunity to plan your next adventure with the latest entertainment news and information in Entertainment Scene Magazine.
Cindy Rodriguez

As the creator and online publisher for Entertainment Scene Magazine, I wanted to make sure I would implement an online platform that includes mainstream entertainment articles of today. As we continue to deal with the challenges of everyday life, I want to encourage and continue to publish entertaining, inspiring articles. My goal is to engage readership by focusing on articles not only talk about the latest entertainment news, but feature entertainers and write about their back story behind the spotlight.

About the Magazine – Entertainment Scene Magazine is published in 2 platforms –An Online website, and Digital E-Book. The content focus for this publication is based on Arts and Entertainment News, and featured articles. Our spotlight sections of the magazine online and digital feature selected topics focused on "the -who, what, when, and where,” entertainment. Our readership is focused to - all men and women, and young adults interested in some of the largest names in entertainment today. 

The online website magazine is updated regularly, and is an interactive magazine that uses video, social media and, links. The digital e-magazine, is published twice a year - includes featured content, photos, and media that are unique to the digital issue. The Digital benefits: The digital magazine can be downloaded to your media device and is very inexpensive for the reader to download. If you are in a place with no internet, this magazine can be easily read if downloaded and saved to your device.